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Terms of Use:

  1. Introduction:

    • Welcome to "BetterUpload.co." Your use of our services is subject to the following terms. By entering and using the site, you agree to comply with these terms.
  2. Permitted Use:

    • a. Allowed Activities: Users are permitted to upload files for storage and sharing.
    • b. Prohibited Activities: Uploading content containing viruses, illegal material, or any form of child exploitation is strictly prohibited.
  3. User Responsibility:

    • Users are solely responsible for the content they upload and acknowledge that the system's team may access and review uploaded files. Misuse may result in account termination and legal action.
  4. Intellectual Property:

    • a. Users retain ownership of uploaded content but grant "BetterUpload.co" a license for operational purposes.
  5. Privacy and Security:

    • a. We prioritize user privacy and data security. Detailed practices will be outlined in our updated privacy policy.
  6. Limitation of Liability:

    • a. "BetterUpload.co," its affiliates, and employees are not liable for damages arising from the use of our services.
  7. Termination:

    • a. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend accounts violating these terms.
  8. Changes to Terms:

    • a. "BetterUpload.co" reserves the right to modify terms without prior notice. Users will be informed of significant changes.
  9. Contact Information:

    • For inquiries about these terms, please contact us at admin@betteradio.live.


Cancellation Policy:

  1. User Account Cancellation:

    • Users are entitled to request the cancellation of their account at any time without any further obligations. To initiate cancellation, please directly contact our customer support team at admin@betteradio.live.
  2. Transaction or Usage Cancellation:

    • In the event of transaction or usage cancellation, users can request cancellation without any financial commitment on our part. Directly reach out to support at admin@betteradio.live and provide relevant details.
  3. Cancellation Process:

    • To process a cancellation, users should contact our support team directly and provide the required details. Every inquiry will be handled promptly and efficiently.
  4. Refund Policy:

    • The policy clearly states that there is no refund after transaction or usage cancellation. Any canceled transaction or usage is not eligible for a refund.
  5. No Excess Liability Commitment:

    • The policy explicitly states that no additional financial compensation or liabilities beyond the refund will be provided. No compensation outside of the refund may occur.
  6. Policy Changes:

    • We reserve the right to modify the cancellation policy at any time. Significant changes will be communicated to users.
  7. Questions:

    • For questions, clarifications, or additional requests related to the cancellation policy, please contact us at admin@betteradio.live.

Privacy Policy:

  1. About:

    • Welcome to "BetterUpload.co." This privacy policy outlines the rules regarding how we collect, use, and safeguard personal information. By using our site, you agree to adhere to these terms.
  2. Personal Information:

    • We collect personal information, including your IP address, during your use of our service. The IP address serves security, management, and service improvement purposes.
  3. Use of Information:

    • The personal information collected is used for internal purposes and for protecting the service. Additionally, the system's team is authorized to access and review the content of files uploaded by users for management and control purposes.
  4. Data Security:

    • We are committed to securing user information, including IP addresses and uploaded files. It is stored and encrypted within our security system for management, security, and control purposes.
  5. Privacy and Security:

    • a. We take user privacy seriously and prioritize the security of collected information. Details will be outlined in the updated privacy policy.
  6. Changes to the Policy:

    • Effective from this date, we reserve the right to make changes to the privacy policy. Significant changes will be communicated to users.
  7. User Privacy:

    • User privacy is paramount. Any personal information stored in our system will be maintained as specified in this policy and will not be disclosed to external parties without prior authorization.
  8. Contact Information:

    • For any questions, requests, or concerns regarding the privacy policy, feel free to contact us at admin@betteradio.live.

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